The Colorado ballot includes 24 candidates for president of the United States. This guide focuses on the incumbent, Republican Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump’s running mate is incumbent Vice President Mike Pence. Biden’s running mate is Kamala Harris. As of this writing, on Oct. 4, Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his prognosis uncertain.

The other presidential contenders on the Colorado ballot are: Don Blankenship (American Constitution Party), Bill Hammons (Unity Party of Colorado), Howie Hawkins (Green Party), Blake Huber (Approval Voting Party), Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party), Brian Carroll (American Solidarity Party), Mark Charles (unaffiliated), Phil Collins (Prohibition Party), Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (Alliance Party), Dario Hunter (Progressive Party), Princess Khadijah Maryam Jacob-Fambro (unaffiliated), Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers Party), Joseph Kishore (Socialist Equality Party), Kyle Kenley Kopitke (Independent American Party), Gloria La Riva (Socialism and Liberation), Joe McHugh (unaffiliated), Brock Pierce (unaffiliated), Jordan “Cancer” Scott (unaffiliated), Kanye West (unaffiliated), Kasey Wells (unaffiliated), Todd Cella (independent), Tom Hoefling (unaffiliated).