Caitlin Dewey

Caitlin Dewey

Caitlin Dewey is a Buffalo, New York-based correspondent for Stateline and has reported for outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, Slate, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Many women can’t access miscarriage drug because it’s also used for abortions

By: - October 24, 2023

This story originally appeared at Stateline. Read more Stateline coverage on how states are either protecting or curbing access to abortions. Since losing her first pregnancy four months ago, 32-year-old Lulu has struggled to return to her body’s old rhythms. Lulu, who asked to be identified by her first name to protect her privacy, bled […]

Cities boost wages, embrace ‘culture change’ to beat lifeguard shortage

By: - August 3, 2023

This story originally appeared in Stateline. Lifeguard shortages closed thousands of pools and beaches during the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing requirements disrupted training and rising wages lured some workers to other summer jobs. Now, some states and cities say they’re back in the swim of things, thanks to major changes in how they train, […]

Growing number of cities weigh tribal ‘land acknowledgements’

By: - March 19, 2021

“Growing number of cities weigh tribal ‘land acknowledgements’” first appeared in Stateline at Doreen Garlid, a first-term city council member in Tempe, Arizona, pinched her leg under the table to keep from weeping as she read a Jan. 14 resolution into the record. The unusual resolution, popularly known as a land acknowledgement, declared that […]