Kristian Hernández

Kristian Hernández

Kristian Hernández writes about social services and housing for Stateline and reports from Texas. Before joining Stateline, he was an investigative reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Center for Public Integrity. Previously, he was an immigration reporter for The Monitor newspaper in South Texas and a courts reporter for Homicide Watch in Washington, D.C. Hernandez is a first generation Mexican-American with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism from the University of Texas at El Paso and a masters in investigative journalism from American University.

COVID underscores lack of whistleblower protections

By: - February 23, 2022

This story originally appeared at Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts. FORT WORTH, Texas — Inside a partially completed Amazon warehouse here, workers last summer walked on conveyor belts four stories high without safety harnesses, welders used plasma torches while surrounded by flammable cardboard boxes, and laborers raised metal racks alongside a moving […]