Laura K. Chapin

Laura K. Chapin

Laura K. Chapin is a Democratic communications strategist who works with progressive causes and candidates in the Rocky Mountain West. Previous to her time in Colorado, Chapin spent many years working in Washington, D.C., including serving as press secretary for several members of Congress.


303 Creative: A fake case with real consequences

By: - July 3, 2023

In the annals of terrible Supreme Court decisions, the 303 Creative case validating discrimination against LGBTQ Americans will be listed as one of the worst. The six conservative justices on the Supreme Court were willing marks for a con job.  The entire 303 Creative v. Elenis case was fabricated and a political set up — […]


Enough with the public trauma

By: - June 8, 2022

On Wednesday, 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo, a survivor of the Uvalde school shooting who smeared herself with a classmate’s blood and played dead in order to escape the gunman, will testify to the House Oversight Committee.  Read that sentence again. And ask yourself why.  We are a nation reduced to public shaming from traumatized children in […]


Dear DC pundit bros: Coloradans are the experts on abortion messaging. You’re not.

By: - May 13, 2022

If there’s a thing happening in D.C., like say a vote on an abortion rights bill in the Senate, you can rest assured that the D.C. pundit bros will assume they are eminently qualified to speak on it and must share their opinion. Politico was shocked — shocked I tell you — to discover a […]


Where does Mark Udall go to get his apology?

By: - February 21, 2022

Back in October of 2014, I was in the audience of what was then the Denver Post building auditorium for a debate between U.S. Senate candidates Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner. The debate was going relatively well for Udall, the incumbent, because once Gardner got beyond the bubble of Fox News and Republican […]


Ball Arena’s no-bags policy is about greed, not safety

By: - April 15, 2021

As COVID restrictions begin to lift and people are once again allowed to attend sports and other events, venues like Denver’s Ball Arena (home to the Nuggets and the Avalanche) and the Staples Center (home to the Lakers and other teams) are announcing new policies prohibiting purses or bags of any kind. A bag prohibition […]


Trump supporters owe our nation an apology

By: - November 9, 2020

Saturday night on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson compared the spontaneous celebrations of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ win to the emotions he witnessed when Pinochet was overthrown in Chile. He’s not wrong. After four years of cruelty, incompetence, chaos and racism in ways both large and small, America and the world breathed a […]


Fascism isn’t new. It’s just been rebranded by Trump.

By: - July 27, 2020

One of the defining characteristics of fascism is the elevation of loyalty to things and symbols over people and democratic ideals. There is no such thing as compulsory patriotism in a democracy. We are very much seeing a test of that principle right now, in Portland and states across the country. A nation that began […]