Lindsay Lieberman

Lindsay Lieberman

Lindsay Lieberman is the Founder of Lindsay Lieberman LLC, a legal services and risk management consulting firm specializing in sexual misconduct, sex crimes, and cyber sexual abuse issues. Lieberman was a sex crimes prosecutor in Brooklyn and worked in private practice at a leading sexual privacy law firm in New York City. Lieberman is an adjunct professor at Salve Regina University and has published articles on sexual abuse and gender-based violence.


Why victims of revenge porn stay silent and how to help

By: and - January 23, 2023

“Revenge porn” exists not only on the fringes of society. It is disturbingly commonplace. Just last week it was reported that a Colorado lawyer had pleaded guilty to “posting a private image for harassment.” Yet, despite its prevalence, victims often live in the shadows, silenced by a host of factors. And despite the strides many […]