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Newsline guest commentary

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We’re Pa. clergy. Christian nationalism isn’t Christian. This is why.

By: - October 19, 2022

This commentary originally appeared in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. Dear Christian siblings in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, We write to you as Christian leaders called by God to serve God’s people and to witness to Jesus’ love and God’s grace in our lives. We place our trust in Jesus, just as you do, knowing that the […]


A monarch dies in the new century and a nation clatters on

By: - September 9, 2022

This commentary originally appeared in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. By Dennis Roddy LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II’s death came off flawlessly, a passing anticipated so long ago that it was code-named for a landmark the British sold to a wealthy American who moved it to Arizona and turned it into a tourist attraction 50 years ago. […]


Can the U.S. slide into authoritarianism? Yes. But we can avoid it if we try.

By: - August 24, 2022

This commentary originally appeared in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. By Jill Sunday Bartoli If we think that, during the Holocaust, the Germans were just bad people who blindly followed a horrible dictator, and that nothing like that could ever happen in the United States, we should remind ourselves that: When people feel hopeless and desperate — […]


The moral imperative to tackle climate change

By: - August 19, 2022

By Sister Elizabeth Fuhr A couple weeks ago, I led a retreat in the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains. We talked about our dependence on the air we breathe, how none of us can survive more than 4-5 minutes without air. Yet we know that toxins in our air from fossil fuels kill 200,000 […]


Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022: We need to remember now more than ever

By: - January 27, 2022

A version of this commentary originally appeared in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. By Shira Goodman Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a date designated by the United Nations to commemorate Jews and other victims  of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazis and collaborators. The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death […]


Marching again for Roe

By: - October 7, 2021

By Marilyn Lori Thirty years ago, I boarded a bus in Ann Arbor bound for Washington, D.C., to go to a massive protest in favor of a woman’s right to choose the fate of her reproductive life. A group of us drove through the night to march in support of the notion that a woman’s […]


Let’s bring Colorado’s transportation system up to speed

By: - June 21, 2021

By Andy Kerr, Keith Baker and Lance Waring The Colorado Legislature just wrapped up a whirlwind session, navigating pandemic delays, prioritizing federal stimulus dollars, and tackling critical issues in the state. One of the most important bills passed was Senate Bill 21-260, the comprehensive statewide transportation funding package, which was signed into law on June […]

Colorado Capitol

We are former lawmakers who helped pass public-benefit restrictions on undocumented Coloradans. It’s time to repeal those laws.

By: - June 3, 2021

By Terrance Carroll, Andrew Romanoff, Alice Madden, Betty Boyd, Andy Kerr, Michael Merrifield, Michael Cerbo and Judy Solano Fifteen years feels like an eternity in Colorado politics. A lot has changed in that time; our values have not. In 2006, Colorado was poised to adopt a constitutional amendment denying public benefits to undocumented residents. We […]


Lawmakers should support and protect Medicare Advantage

By: - March 18, 2021

By Mike Cerbo As the former head of the Colorado AFL-CIO and as a former state legislator, it has been my life’s mission to fight for good health care and benefits for the hardest working members of our workforce. And even in my retirement, I continue advocating for Colorado’s working class, including retirees. After years of […]


High-potency THC products are a problem we must address

By: - February 12, 2021

We believe that it is imperative that our elected officials use science and research to craft legislation that will keep up with the dangerous regulatory gaps on high-potency THC.


Take a stand against the planet-threatening Line 3 pipeline

By: - February 2, 2021

By Sara Hersh, Dave Robinson, Heidi Leathwood, and Michael Denslow As we will outline below, Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline is unneeded and an environmental disaster in the making. It unnecessarily contributes to our climate emergency, violates Indigenous lands and treaties, and puts local people at risk of COVID-19 and worse, considering the history of missing […]


Stand up to sedition and treason

By: - January 12, 2021

By Marilyn Lori The most important lesson my grandparents taught me was that courage was not the absence of fear but brave action in spite of it. On the night of Jan. 6, it gave me hope to see all our senators and representatives have the courage to return to Congress and finish the job […]