Quentin Young

Quentin Young

Quentin Young is the editor of Colorado Newsline.


You’re insane if you think Colorado Republicans chose sanity

By: - June 30, 2022

A common response to the Colorado primary election results this week was to remark that Republican voters rejected the election conspiracists, returned the party to the mainstream, signaled support for the establishment over the fringe. It’s true that in several high-profile races the most reality-challenged, “team crazy” candidates got beat bad. That’s a relief. But […]


The ground has shifted for Colorado election deniers

By: - June 23, 2022

A cascade of shocking revelations has flowed from the hearings of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. Much of the information was previously known in outline, but evidence and testimony presented at the hearings has confirmed key points and provided crucial new details to the following narrative: Former President Donald Trump knew that […]

Donald Trump speaks at a rally.

Trump is a domestic enemy. Treat him like one.

By: - June 16, 2022

The hearings of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection have already provided conclusive evidence that the effort to overturn the 2020 election was a conspiracy directed by a corrupt sitting president who knew the effort was based on lies and encouraged violence in pursuit of power. The damning testimony before the committee and […]


What the Jan. 6 hearings will really reveal

By: - June 9, 2022

There was some fear when the Jan. 6 committee convened that it would amount to little more than a partisan tool that could easily be discredited. That’s not how it turned out. The nine members of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, as the House panel is […]


Lauren Boebert, American menace

By: - June 2, 2022

Many public officials are guilty of bad behavior. But few can as readily be held responsible for harassment, personal threats and violence as Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado. What’s worse, ghastly conduct represents the totality of her public service. Her legislative record is a dismal exhibition of performative gestures that offer no real benefit […]


Public money supports university center tied to white nationalism and election denial

By: - May 26, 2022

The Benson Center has attracted national attention due to its association with John Eastman, the lawyer at the center of former President Donald Trump’s attempt to stage a coup after he lost the 2020 election.  But other notable aspects of the center’s story remain obscured or have so far gone unreported, including its founder’s ties […]


How corporate Colorado held public schools hostage

By: - May 12, 2022

One of the biggest stories out of the Colorado General Assembly this year emerged late in the session as a group of corporate executives threw its weight around. They wanted to keep more of their money, and who can blame them for that. But the episode revealed that policy makers are in thrall to a […]


How to protect abortion rights in Colorado

By: - May 5, 2022

Abortion rights are protected in Colorado, but their stability is uncertain, and there is much that should be done to secure them. Colorado in 1967 was the first state in the country to loosen its abortion laws. It bolstered its legacy of reproductive justice this year when it codified abortion as a fundamental right in […]


Take a moment to reflect on Wynn Bruce

By: - April 28, 2022

An act of self-immolation exposes the object of protest by matching horror inflicted at large with horror inflicted on one. Other forms of protest, like a march, might be loud. They might inconvenience others and require little sacrifice on the part of the demonstrator. They might have theatrical qualities, like the Tiananmen Square Tank Man […]


Bring on the climate change lawsuits in Colorado

By: - April 21, 2022

Colorado officials are failing to respond to climate change with the urgency the crisis demands. The least they can do is let everyday Coloradans help. The state already expects residents to do their part. Gov. Jared Polis prefers to nudge individuals to make lifestyle changes such as upgrading to an electric vehicle rather than require […]

A pride flag hangs on the Colorado Capitol.

Anti-LGBTQ bigotry has no place in Colorado

By: - April 14, 2022

Colorado has made significant progress toward being a safe place for the LGBTQ community, but now that progress is challenged by reactionaries who are promoting misinformation and dusting off latent bigotry. Anti-trans and anti-gay rhetoric in recent months has become increasingly vile. It’s showing up in schools, the campaign trail and social media. A surge […]


What Andy Biggs says about Colorado Republicans

By: - April 7, 2022

Republican Party leaders in Colorado say they want to get past stop-the-steal rhetoric. They say voters aren’t interested in hearing about the “big lie” that the 2020 election was rigged against former President Donald Trump. They say they want to look ahead and focus on issues like gas prices, crime and education. Then they contradict […]