Quentin Young

Quentin Young

Quentin Young is the editor of Colorado Newsline.


Stop posing with guns. It makes you look weak.

By: - December 30, 2021

It’s not hard to find photos of each one of the three Republicans in Colorado’s congressional delegation posing with guns. The images aren’t just out there on the internet — the members want you to see them. They released them as part of campaigns or policy statements. The discouraging implication is that they assume such […]

crime tape

A splash of truth about Colorado’s ‘crime wave’

By: - December 16, 2021

A recent report by two former prosecutors about what they called “The Colorado Crime Wave” purports to chart rising rates of violent and property offenses in Colorado and to establish a connection to criminal justice policies enacted under Democrats. The report received outsized attention, partly because leading into an election year it buttresses a tough-on-crime […]


Threats of violence are at the point of emergency

By: - December 9, 2021

Last week, a conservative Colorado podcaster said Gov. Jared Polis should be hanged. He was not discreet about the matter. He felt no need to employ suggestive language. He named Polis, called him a traitor, and said he should go to the gallows. Joe Oltmann, the perpetrator of this outrage, in many respects is a […]


Colorado takes its place at the center of election denialism

By: - December 2, 2021

Coloradans have shown repeatedly at the polls that by big margins they prefer Democrats in government, and Colorado government officials oversee what are widely viewed as “gold standard” elections. But the state since November 2020, when former Republican President Donald Trump engendered the lie that the election was stolen from him, has been especially fertile […]


Closed meetings at well sites foster distrust

By: - November 12, 2021

For decades, the state commission that keeps watch over Colorado oil and gas operators was at least as much an industry partner as it was a regulator. The law demanded it — a statute directed the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to “foster” industry operations until the General Assembly in 2019 bolstered the commission’s regulatory […]


The Q-ish swamp in the middle of Colorado

By: - November 5, 2021

Douglas County has long seemed intent on burnishing its reputation as a hotbed of conservative extremism. COVID misinformation? In abundance. Election lies? No shortage. Critical race theory hysteria? Heaps. But this week’s election firmly established the place as a swamp of political filth. A slate of four anti-mask, anti-equity candidates won election — and will […]


Colorado GOP wants to normalize anti-trans hate

By: - October 26, 2021

There is no more traditional value than love, but it is the one in which conservatives often seem least interested. When it comes to transgender people, for example, they are quick to sideline love for hate. Eli Bremer, GOP frontrunner in Colorado challenging Sen. Michael Bennet in 2022, has made transphobia the centerpiece of his […]


Lauren Boebert, the audition-tape lawmaker

By: - October 19, 2021

The first person to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, starting with the district’s inception in the 1914 election, was a Democrat from Pueblo named Edward Keating. He was the son of immigrants. He moved to Colorado from a Kansas farm with his widowed mother, and he left school at 14 to contribute to their livelihood. […]


Get rid of religious exemptions for vaccines

By: - October 11, 2021

Too often the faithful get the wrong idea about the freedom that the First Amendment accords religion, and they take it to mean that their claim to it supersedes other rights — even the right to life. What’s worse, misguided policies of the state encourage this attitude. That’s what’s happening with the COVID-19 vaccine in […]


Colorado’s top 10 most dangerous election deniers

By: - September 27, 2021

Detractors of American voting, driven by a cult leader who as president was inimical to democracy and as ex-president is a sworn enemy of it, have gone on the attack in Colorado in the form of proposed voting restrictions, threats against the secretary of state and county election officials, an election-system security breach in the […]


These public servants think the public should stay out of their business

By: - September 23, 2021

Colorado state agencies have a well-earned reputation for anti-transparent behavior. Throughout state government records are regularly destroyed, and the pandemic has exposed persistent disdain for transparency in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. But an agency within the health department — the Air Pollution Control Division — has refined antipathy to open government to […]


CU trades an insurrection speaker for a Steve Bannon apologist

By: - September 20, 2021

What will it take for the University of Colorado to learn its lesson? The position of visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy at CU Boulder was never a good idea in conception, and it has proved humiliating in practice. It launched in 2013 for the express purpose of injecting right-wing teaching into course offerings. […]