Quentin Young

Quentin Young

Quentin Young is the editor of Colorado Newsline.

Denver school district must let judge review recording of secret board meeting

By: - June 20, 2023

A judge has ordered Denver Public Schools to hand over a recording of a meeting the district’s board of education conducted behind closed doors in March. The ruling came as part of a lawsuit in which Colorado Newsline and five other Colorado news outlets sued the board for release of the recording, arguing the board […]


This was not written by AI

By: - June 15, 2023

Ask a generative AI chatbot to describe what Gov. Jared Polis has accomplished for Colorado, and it might mention that he “worked to expand funding for early childhood education and kindergarten” and “pursued initiatives to lower the cost of prescription drugs,” as ChatGPT accurately reported recently, based on a prompt I entered. The digital tool […]

Lauren Boebert sued for defamation in federal court by activist

By: - June 8, 2023

A North Carolina political activist filed a defamation lawsuit against U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Silt in federal court Thursday. Plaintiffs David Wheeler, who last year publicized information about Boebert in an effort to derail her reelection bid, and the super PAC American Muckrakers claim that Boebert defamed Wheeler by falsely accusing him of defaming […]

Rep. Lauren Boebert speaks into microphones.

Other ways Boebert might find herself ‘unavoidably detained’

By: - June 8, 2023

If you miss a really important event after you said you’d be there, wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the fallout by just telling people you were “unavoidably detained”? Say you’ve got a presentation with a big client, but at the appointed time, you’re nowhere to be found. What if you could keep […]


Debt limit recklessness rooted in growing right-wing nihilism

By: - May 25, 2023

Republicans in the U.S. government are close to making the deliberate choice not to pay the nation’s bills. Much of the discussion around this malfeasance commonly involves smoothed-over terms like “debt limit” and “default.” But the plain truth demands phrases like “extortion” and “betrayal.” The Republicans who are solely responsible for the crisis can soberly […]


Someone needs to challenge Biden in the presidential primary 

By: - May 18, 2023

It appears a Biden-Trump rematch is inevitable. Former President Donald Trump announced in November he’s running for president a third time, and at the moment no potential GOP challenger comes anywhere close to him in the polls. Ever since President Joe Biden said last month that he’s running for reelection, most of the discussion about […]

Top progressive former Denver mayor candidate endorses Johnston over Brough

By: - May 16, 2023

The top progressive candidate in the Denver mayor race last month endorsed runoff contender Mike Johnston during a Tuesday press conference. Lisa Calderón, who came in third behind top vote-getter Johnston and second-place finisher Kelly Brough, said during an appearance at La Alma Recreation Center in Denver that between Johnston and Brough, who face each […]

Julie McCluskie

The enemies of progressive policy turned out to be Colorado Democrats

By: - May 11, 2023

Boulder has a far-left reputation, reflected in one of its nicknames, the People’s Republic of Boulder. It’s true that Democrats dominate the city, and its liberal tendencies are pronounced in certain matters of the environment and culture, but longtime residents know the truth. They’ve seen officials embrace racist zoning policies, resist law enforcement reform and […]


Here’s how reporters should cover Trump’s campaign

By: - May 4, 2023

On the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, CNN personalities tried to interpret for viewers across the world what had transpired that day in the nation’s capital. “I would just like to remind our viewers that President Trump now for years has referred to journalists as the enemy of the American people,” anchor Jake Tapper said, […]


Why we’re suing Denver Public Schools 

By: - May 2, 2023

Last month, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education went into an executive session — a secret meeting — to discuss matters related to a shooting at East High School. The meeting proceeded for about five hours. This alone suggested that it was being conducted in violation of open meetings laws. When the board finally […]


The shadow of anti-transparency creeps through Colorado Capitol

By: - April 27, 2023

The Colorado Legislature is a pretty polarized place, but if there is one area where you can count on bipartisanship at the Capitol, it’s aversion to transparency. We live in an open society. We have a government for the people. Government business that is conducted in open view to the governed is therefore inherently superior to […]


Colorado lawmakers favor battle weapons over the people they rip apart

By: - April 20, 2023

Lawmakers in Colorado, a state as familiar as any with the unspeakable violence of mass shootings, have a moral obligation to ban assault weapons. An AR-15-style assault weapon was used in most of the deadliest mass killings in America since 2012, including two massacres in Colorado. Some firearms are designed mainly for self-defense, hunting or […]