Quentin Young

Quentin Young

Quentin Young is the editor of Colorado Newsline.


A new look for Newsline

By: - July 13, 2021

Welcome to the renovated Colorado Newsline website. Newsline’s new look is the result of almost a year of planning and designing, and today we present the results of that work. We are very excited to share it with you. Our primary goal was to enhance your experience on the site, and the redesigned Newsline is […]


Colorado not a winner in the vaccine lottery

By: - July 12, 2021

Now that Colorado’s vaccine lottery has concluded, we can confidently say it went worse than expected. Gov. Jared Polis, taking a cue from the “Vax-A-Million” lottery in Ohio, announced in May that the state would conduct a series of five drawings in which Colorado adults could win $1 million if they were vaccinated against the […]


Colorado Newsline at 1 year old

By: - July 1, 2021

We launched on July 1, 2020, at a truly terrible time. There were street clashes over racial injustices. A pandemic was killing Americans by the thousands. The country’s leadership was a lying crew of grifter authoritarians. Vast swaths of the electorate were coming under the sway of ludicrous conspiracy theories like a national bad trip. […]


This is the destruction that was predicted

By: - June 25, 2021

In 1970, George S. Benton, in his time one of the nation’s leading atmospheric scientists, wrote about a rise in the Earth’s mean temperature since 1880.  “The cause of these changes has been under extensive study,” Benton wrote. “One factor is the steady increase in carbon dioxide which has been observed, presumably as a result […]


Colorado’s senators are failing to meet the moment

By: - June 18, 2021

Republicans in Washington have abandoned basic principles of governing. They have dropped any pretense of caring about the best interests of Americans. Many of them have even rejected reality and insist on believing up is down. For Democrats who must operate in the same legislative chamber as Republicans, that means hope for cooperation is foolish. […]


Colorado is also under attack by enemies of democracy

By: - June 11, 2021

Many Republicans since November have demonstrated that they have little interest in democracy and would rather obliterate voting rights than lose elections. They started by rejecting President Joe Biden’s defeat of former President Donald Trump. In doing so they helped fuel a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on the day members of Congress certified […]


Climate of Resistance: Ensure companies cover the costs of orphaned wells

By: - June 3, 2021

History will judge this generation primarily on its response to climate change, and so far it’s failing. Average temperatures on Earth are rising, and the warming trend is accelerating. The warmest two years on record are 2020 and 2016, and the last seven years are the warmest seven years on record, according to NASA, which […]


Climate of Resistance: The public is owed a fair share of natural resources wealth

By: - June 2, 2021

The three biggest wildfires in Colorado history all occurred last year. The biggest fire in 2020 — that is, the state’s biggest fire ever — was more than 50% bigger than the biggest fire in any other year in the state’s history. The 20 biggest fires in state history have all occurred in the past […]


Climate of Resistance: Enact local fracking bans

By: - June 1, 2021

Climate change is too great a threat for Coloradans not to take bold and decisive action in response. The landmark Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report in 2018 said that to avoid the worst catastrophes of climate change people must limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Last year the planet reached 1.2 […]


People were killed by the thousands. But only cash will motivate some Coloradans.

By: - May 28, 2021

When Gov. Jared Polis announced the state’s latest attempt to convince holdouts to get vaccinated, he placed a giant prop check for a million dollars on a stand and assumed his best carnival barker act. “That’s right! You can win one million dollars, and you may already be entered!” the governor declaimed from a podium. […]


Only a governor’s veto now can save transparency on finalists

By: - May 21, 2021

The “sole finalist” bill on its face was always a gift to powerful officials at the expense of Colorado residents. State law currently calls for public bodies to name multiple finalists for top government staff jobs, but the bill would allow officials to name just one finalist, in violation of the principles of government transparency. […]


Ken Buck is no hero of democracy

By: - May 14, 2021

Rep. Liz Cheney on Tuesday evening, a day before she was ousted from her No. 3 leadership position in the U.S. House Republican conference, gave a defiant speech on the House floor. Cheney’s politics, like her hawkish foreign policy positions and anti-environment record, can be repellent. But she gets one big thing right: basic tenets […]