Oversight will never fix what’s wrong with policing

BY: - February 2, 2023

Memphis has a police oversight board. This might seem surprising, since after local officers barbarically beat Tyre Nichols to death last month no police department in the country seems more in need of oversight. But the Memphis Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board has been in existence for almost 30 years. What’s not surprising is that […]

District attorney drops charges against Black man who accuses Colorado Springs police of excessive force

BY: - February 1, 2023

Colorado’s 4th Judicial District attorney’s office dropped charges against Dalvin Gadson, a Black man who was beaten by Colorado Springs police at a traffic stop, after he entered a guilty plea for not having properly displayed license plates.  Charges of assault on a police officer and DUI against Gadson had already been  dropped, but now […]

Of more than 7,500 threats against members of Congress in 2022, just 22 prosecuted

BY: - February 1, 2023

WASHINGTON —  Members of Congress receive thousands of threats a year, though just a fraction of the people who call, mail or email will ever be prosecuted — a situation that’s of great concern to the police who guard members. Just 22 of the 7,501 threats lobbed at members during 2022 led to prosecution, the […]

Increased penalties for car theft proposed in bipartisan Colorado bill

BY: - January 30, 2023

Colorado lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill Monday that aims to combat auto theft in the state by making any vehicle theft a felony, regardless of the value of the stolen car. “Right now, the severity of the penalty for stealing a car depends on the value of the vehicle. This simply doesn’t make sense,” state […]


No, guns do kill people. And the solution is glaringly obvious.

BY: - January 25, 2023

This commentary originally appeared in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. My Nhan, 65, immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the 1980s, and made her home in California’s San Gabriel Valley, in a community called Rosemead. Her niece, Fonda Quan, said she was ready “to start the year fresh,” and celebrate with her friends, according to the CBC. […]

Wave of mass shootings prompts Biden to call yet again for assault weapons ban

BY: - January 24, 2023

WASHINGTON — Following a mass shooting on the eve of Lunar New Year in which 11 people in a predominantly Asian neighborhood in California were killed, President Joe Biden again urged Congress to pass legislation banning assault weapons. Communities across America “have been struck by tragedy after tragedy, including mass shootings from Colorado Springs to […]

Classified material found in the Indiana home of former VP Mike Pence

BY: - January 24, 2023

WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Mike Pence is the latest top public official to have been discovered possessing classified material in his personal home, according to a letter his lawyer sent to the National Archives. A dozen documents with classified markings were discovered in Pence’s residence in Carmel, Indiana, in mid-January.  The former vice president […]

White House says DOJ had ‘unprecedented access’ to Biden home during search

BY: - January 24, 2023

WASHINGTON — Department of Justice officials had “unprecedented access” to every room in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home Friday during a search that followed several days of disclosures that classified material from the Obama era had been found in Biden’s garage and think tank office, White House officials said Monday.  The historic 13-hour search of […]


Why victims of revenge porn stay silent and how to help

BY: and - January 23, 2023

“Revenge porn” exists not only on the fringes of society. It is disturbingly commonplace. Just last week it was reported that a Colorado lawyer had pleaded guilty to “posting a private image for harassment.” Yet, despite its prevalence, victims often live in the shadows, silenced by a host of factors. And despite the strides many […]

Trial for Teller County sheriff who partnered with ICE set to start

BY: - January 19, 2023

A three-day trial set to start next week will concern whether Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell violated Colorado law by having his officers enforce federal immigration law. The trial stems from a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado on behalf of local plaintiffs in Teller County District Court. The lawsuit claims […]

White House defends delay in revealing classified documents at Biden private office, home

BY: - January 17, 2023

WASHINGTON — The White House on Tuesday defended sitting on information about Obama administration classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s private residence and a think tank, saying officials are attempting to balance working with the Justice Department and sharing information publicly.  “We understand that there’s a tension between the need to be cooperative with […]


In Missouri, the truth doesn’t always set you free

BY: - January 17, 2023

This commentary originally appeared in the Missouri Independent. Christopher Dunn has served over 30 years in prison for a murder he vehemently claims he did not commit. He stands not only on his word but on evidence that supports alibi witnesses and the recanted statements of trial witnesses in his case. However, the most substantial […]