Commentary submission guidelines

Colorado Newsline welcomes commentary submissions. Preference goes to timely topics of interest to Colorado readers. Newsline reserves the right to edit for clarity and style. 


  • Maximum length is 750 words.
  • Name, full address and phone number are required (address and phone number are not for publication).
  • Newsline does not publish anonymous commentaries.
  • Name-calling and ad hominem attacks are not acceptable.
  • Submissions must be sent by email to [email protected] with “commentary” in the subject line. Include the text of the commentary in the body of the email, not in an attachment.
  • Facts or assertions that some readers might be expected to dispute should be accompanied by a source citation, such as by a link or by stating the source in plain language as part of the text.
  • Commentaries must be signed by at least one individual, and Newsline does not accept pieces signed by an organization. Provide a brief biographical description of the author, even if only the author’s hometown.
  • Newsline does not publish candidate or ballot issue endorsements. Commentaries about a candidate, ballot issue or proposed legislation may not contain a call to action, such as calling for readers or lawmakers to vote one way or another.
  • Newsline in general does not publish commentaries written by current holders of elective office.
  • Commentaries submitted by a third party on behalf of the author must copy the author, and the author must approve the submitted draft.
  • Newsline discourages open letters or commentaries that address an individual, institution or group.
  • Questions may be addressed to editor Quentin Young, [email protected].