2020 has been a disaster. Will 2021 Be Any Better?

BY: - November 21, 2020

News broke this week that the number of American workers filing for unemployment ticked up last week. This is not surprising, especially to Coloradans in 15 counties that just learned about new restrictions on business capacity, indoor dining and schools. While a necessary step in the face of uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus that causes […]

Colorado called the COVID dial’s bluff

BY: - November 20, 2020

In September, Gov. Jared Polis announced the creation of a dial system that established thresholds by which counties could determine what level of restrictions they needed to impose to keep residents safe from the spread of COVID-19. On one end of the five-level dial was “protect our neighbors,” the least restrictive designation. On the other […]

Reflecting on one year of a global pandemic

BY: - November 18, 2020

It feels like I’ve aged a decade this year. Incredibly, and without fanfare, Nov. 17 marked the anniversary of the novel zoonotic coronavirus as first traced to humans. Since this time, we’ve learned a lot. Based on the rise of infections, it seems we’ve forgotten just as much. Pandemic fatigue is real. Whether you’re a […]

Farmers are depleting the Ogallala Aquifer because the government pays them to do it

BY: , and - November 16, 2020

A slow-moving crisis threatens the U.S. Central Plains, which grow a quarter of the nation’s crops. Underground, the region’s lifeblood — water — is disappearing, placing one of the world’s major food-producing regions at risk. The Ogallala-High Plains Aquifer is one of the world’s largest groundwater sources, extending from South Dakota down through the Texas […]

Colorado deletes public records when they matter most

BY: - November 13, 2020

A government of the people is transparent, with its records open to the people. But sitting in the middle of Colorado government is an enormous shredder, and officials keep it running every day at all hours. State government during the pandemic performs functions that, for the people on whose behalf it operates, are literally a […]

The Affordable Care Act saved my life. What happens if it’s gone?

BY: - November 13, 2020

Three years ago I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough, and walked out with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I’m here, today, because the Affordable Care Act saved my life. But now it’s under attack, again. The care I received cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, money that most of us don’t […]

Trump’s final wake of COVID death

BY: - November 13, 2020

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell often refers to himself as the “grim reaper,” but it is President Trump who will have carried the scythe. The hole that’s been dug is deep. In the still-warm afterglow of a consequential rebuke of repeated lies and general malfeasance, the now disgraced one-term president will hand over the reins […]

Polis misses the mark without stay-at-home order

BY: - November 11, 2020

One of the things I’ve always liked about Gov. Jared Polis is his affinity for data. As a proud owner of tweed jackets with elbow patches, my brain lights up like a Christmas tree when he casually tweets about quantum mechanics or Schrödinger’s cat. Polis’ quirks aren’t new to me. I spent roughly 10 years […]

I won’t give up my values for unity

BY: - November 10, 2020

My dad’s the guy who gets misty-eyed when the national anthem plays. Some of my own optimism about this country comes from his deep love of it. Now I have my own child, who is transgender. As I look at the environment our current administration has created for my child, and for millions of other […]

Trump supporters owe our nation an apology

BY: - November 9, 2020

Saturday night on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson compared the spontaneous celebrations of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ win to the emotions he witnessed when Pinochet was overthrown in Chile. He’s not wrong. After four years of cruelty, incompetence, chaos and racism in ways both large and small, America and the world breathed a […]

Protection from oil and gas operations needed for biodiversity in Colorado

BY: - November 9, 2020

By Gabrielle Katz This month, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is considering revisions to its wildlife rules. According to the state law Senate Bill 19-181, passed last year, the new mission of the COGCC is to regulate oil and gas operations in a way that protects public health, safety, and welfare; the environment, […]

Lauren Boebert

Colorado no longer takes Republicans seriously

BY: - November 7, 2020

Colorado has long been trending blue, and the Tuesday election offered further signs of diminishing Republican relevance in the state. President-elect Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump by almost 13 percentage points in Colorado, according to unofficial results, whereas Hillary Clinton in 2016 beat Trump by only 4.9 points. Democrats, who already controlled […]