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With emissions ‘off track,’ Colorado environmental advocates call for stronger climate enforcement

BY: - January 11, 2021

Nearly everyone in Colorado’s environmental policy world agrees that there’s an urgent need for the state to bring its greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals set by lawmakers 18 months ago. But as regulators prepare to undertake a series of critical rulemaking processes in 2021, they’re still at odds over exactly how to […]

Xcel Energy speeds up retirement of northwest Colorado coal plant

BY: - January 4, 2021

Colorado’s largest electric utility on Monday announced that it intends to close two of its coal-fired generating units earlier than previously planned, boosting the state’s efforts to transition to clean energy as it seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Xcel Energy will retire Unit 1 at the Hayden Generating Station in northwest Colorado in […]


A scientist’s reflections on 2020

BY: - December 30, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, I can’t help but feel a small sense of relief and optimism. It’s not because vaccines are arriving, or because President Trump is almost out of the White House, although both certainly help. It’s because for the first time in what feels like forever there is a sliver of […]

Early coal retirements reversed after pressure from utilities, Polis administration

BY: - December 16, 2020

Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission abruptly reversed a decision it made last month to accelerate the planned retirement dates of three coal-fired power plants after pressure from electric utilities and top officials in Gov. Jared Polis’ administration. In an unusual move, AQCC commissioners on Wednesday reopened debate on its proposed Regional Haze rule, which they […]

Colorado, Nevada leading energy-efficiency progress in Southwest, report finds

BY: - December 16, 2020

The southwestern United States continues to lag behind other regions in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, but Colorado and Nevada are among the states making the most progress, a new report from a national energy-efficiency group found. Colorado ranked 11th among all states on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient […]


America’s largest national forest is on the chopping block

BY: - November 26, 2020

As a nation, we have long honored our sense of wild. Our wild spirit, our wild explorations, our wild ideas. Our wild has birthed discovery and innovation, which propels not only our country and our people, but our world. However, somewhere along the way we lost our wild places. Year after year, our natural landscapes […]

Tri-State pledges to cut emissions from Colorado electricity sales 80% by 2030

BY: - November 12, 2020

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, a Westminster-based electricity wholesaler that provides power to 17 rural electric cooperatives across Colorado, announced Thursday that it plans to achieve an 80% cut to greenhouse gas emissions from electricity sales within the state by 2030. Gov. Jared Polis joined Tri-State executives to announce the pledge, which comes ahead of […]

After historic zero-carbon pledge, Platte River Power Authority leaves door open to natural gas

BY: - November 2, 2020

Over the past few years, nearly every major electric utility and provider in Colorado has made headline-grabbing commitments to clean energy, pledging to be leaders in the global shift away from fossil fuels that scientists say is urgently necessary to combat climate change. But some environmental groups say that a recent move by northern Colorado’s […]

As costs rack up in Boulder’s push to split with Xcel, voters to have the final say

BY: - October 29, 2020

“As costs rack up in Boulder’s push to split with Xcel, voters to have the final say” originally appeared in Energy News Network. A decade ago, Boulder set out to create its own municipal utility in hopes of accelerating its push to cut emissions. It has been a difficult path. Xcel Energy, the investor-owned utility […]

Report: Colorado’s progress on clean-energy transition promising but uneven

BY: - October 27, 2020

Colorado has made significant progress towards clean energy over the last 10 years, environmental advocates found in a report released Tuesday. But while its adoption of clean-energy technologies ranks in the top half of U.S. states across multiple categories, progress has come faster in some sectors than others. The report by Environment America’s Research and […]

Environmental groups again urge bolder action after Polis touts climate ‘roadmap’

BY: - October 23, 2020

As climate-intensified wildfires continued to rage across Colorado on Thursday, Gov. Jared Polis touted his administration’s collaborative approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in remarks to a state air-quality board — and environmental advocates once again faulted the governor for not pushing hard enough with strict regulations. Polis addressed the members of Colorado’s Air Quality […]

East Troublesome Fire’s ‘unprecedented’ blowup a sign of Colorado’s grim climate future

BY: - October 23, 2020

Christopher Joyner has spent years working for the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies that fight wildfires on Colorado’s public lands. He worked the Mullen Fire, which burned 176,000 acres on the Colorado-Wyoming border last month, and the Pine Gulch Fire, which briefly became the largest wildfire in state history in the summer. But nothing […]