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Feds: Florida, Missouri, Texas account for 40% of all COVID-19 cases this week

BY: - July 22, 2021

WASHINGTON — Amid a rise in infections and hospitalizations from the surging delta variant of COVID-19, the Biden administration is boosting money and other assistance to the hardest-hit areas of the country. This week, just three states with lower vaccination rates — Florida, Texas and Missouri — accounted for 40% of all cases nationwide.  One […]

Pandemic forces cohousing communities to examine shared values and relationships

BY: - May 1, 2021

How do communities with dozens of members decide what to do during a public health crisis when members have varying tolerance for risk and different opinions about safe practices? Cohousing communities have grappled with such questions throughout the coronavirus pandemic. These are groups of people committed to communal living who own homes in complexes with […]

Durango’s COVID ‘cowboy’ rounds up spring break scofflaws, lines ’em up for shots

BY: - April 3, 2021

“Durango’s Covid ‘Cowboy’ Rounds Up Spring Break Scofflaws, Lines ’Em Up for Shots” originally appeared at Bartenders were pouring Old-Fashioneds at a bar with a bullet hole straight through the wood. Servers in corsets and fishnet stockings roamed the room, passing an old piano that, twice a week, fills the building with ragtime tunes. […]

Colorado’s mask mandate expected to be modified this weekend

BY: - March 30, 2021

Colorado’s statewide mask mandate is expected to be altered this weekend. Gov. Jared Polis indicated during a news briefing Monday that he would prefer within the next couple of weeks to largely hand over mask-wearing requirements to local authorities. “Really the only types of events that will remain under state guidance will be large-scale events, […]