Jared Polis

Climate-friendly school buses in Aurora introduced by Gov. Polis, EPA officials

BY: - August 11, 2022

Every weekday, more than 25 million children across the United States ride the bus to school — and before long, environmental advocates hope, most of them will be riding in battery-powered, zero-emission electric vehicles. Gov. Jared Polis joined Colorado lawmakers and officials with the federal Environmental Protection Agency to promote efforts to electrify school bus […]


It was reckless for Polis to root for crypto

BY: - August 11, 2022

Cryptocurrencies reflect an extreme libertarian vision of anarcho-capitalism. They’re associated with various scams and Ponzi schemes. They facilitate money laundering and illicit trade. They’re favored by neo-Nazis and domestic extremists. They’re susceptible to price manipulation. They’re subject to wild volatility. And they’re a massive source of greenhouse gas emissions. But somehow none of that has […]


Mitch McConnell thinks Joe O’Dea is perfect

BY: - August 8, 2022

There’s really only one thing Coloradans need to know about Joe O’Dea, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate: Mitch McConnell called him the “perfect candidate.” Yes, this is the same Mitch McConnell who is responsible for stealing seats on the Supreme Court to overturn abortion access. The same Mitch McConnnell who cut taxes for the […]

In a burned-down neighborhood, Coloradans call on Biden to declare climate emergency

BY: - August 3, 2022

Suzanne Sawyer-Ratliff and her daughter had just begun to notice a change in the sound and scent of the air outside her home on the afternoon of Dec. 30, 2021, when they received an emergency alert on their phones. After living in Superior for more than 40 years, Sawyer-Ratliff had “five to 10 minutes” to […]

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

Kids being kids? Task force to study raising minimum age for juvenile court

BY: - July 18, 2022

A task force made up of youth mental health providers, victims’ services organizations, state lawmakers and members of law enforcement will soon begin meeting twice a month. Progressive state lawmakers and advocates hope it’s the first step in changing how the state responds to Colorado kids who act out. Currently, children can enter the juvenile […]

EPA faults Colorado air quality regulators over whistleblower claims

BY: - July 15, 2022

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday faulted Colorado air quality regulators for failing to comply with requirements under the federal Clean Air Act, further corroborating the substance of allegations made by a group of whistleblowers in a 2021 complaint. The three whistleblowers, who were current or former employees of the modeling unit at the Colorado […]

Phil Weiser

Alonzo Payne resigns as San Luis Valley district attorney, Colorado attorney general steps in

BY: - July 14, 2022

The day after Colorado’s attorney general announced an enforceable agreement between his office and that of the San Luis Valley District Attorney Alonzo Payne — following a state investigation that found a pattern of Victim Rights Act violations — Payne resigned from his office. Under an executive order issued by Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday, […]

Colorado declines to help other states pursue abortion investigations, executive order from Gov. Polis says

BY: - July 6, 2022

Days after hundreds of protesters called on Gov. Jared Polis to take action in support of abortion providers and patients, the governor issued an executive order that appears to address some of the protesters’ concerns. The governor’s Wednesday order bars state agencies — except when subject to a court order — from providing medical records, […]

Protesters call on Gov. Polis to support abortion rights with executive orders

BY: - July 6, 2022

This April, Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law that codified Coloradans’ longstanding right to get an abortion. After the Supreme Court’s June 24 ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Polis spoke at a rally for abortion rights and called on Congress to pass a law protecting against state bans. But some abortion-rights protesters […]

Democratic governors call on Biden to use federal facilities for abortion access

BY: - July 1, 2022

A group of Democratic governors urged President Joe Biden on Friday to use federal facilities to provide access to abortions, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade last week. In a video conference with nine governors, including Kate Brown of Oregon, Roy Cooper of North Carolina, Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico […]

Morgan Carroll Michael Bennet

Democrats open field offices in Aurora, Denver on primary election night

BY: - June 28, 2022

In a move billed as a “sign of strength” heading into the general election season, Colorado Democrats took time on primary election night to celebrate the opening of two Democratic Party field offices in Denver and Aurora. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Gov. Jared Polis, Attorney General Phil Weiser and Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora — […]

stethoscope on top of cash

Lower-cost ‘Colorado Option’ health plan wins approval from feds

BY: - June 23, 2022

Federal approval of a state waiver application means it’s full steam ahead for the “Colorado Option”: a heavily regulated, lower-cost health insurance plan that private carriers must offer starting next year. “I’m thrilled that Colorado’s waiver has been approved — allowing us to move forward with this historic money-saving and forward-thinking program in Colorado,” Gov. […]